"Kaplin Cat"
80" tall x 77" long x 30" wide
Atlantic white cedar
This was a commission I did for Marion and Erwin Kaplin for the house in the Berkshires. When I bought the wood it came with one edge cut the other with the bark on. It was stacked the way it was cut and was apparent that I had bought the whole tree. White Cedar is one of the easiest woods you can work with , smells good too.
"Inner Planet"
10' in diameter
Sticks , straw, resin
"Flat Fish"
22" long x 15" tall x 11" wide.
This mechanical fish flaps its tail and head and the fins go in and out when the crank is turned.
"Cat Structure"
83" tall x 60" long x 48" wide.
This piece is a good example of the structural animals I made during the late 80's. I was thinking about how architecture and structure are related to living things. About blurring the categories,in terms of how the laws of physics and structure are similar for all things.
The plywood in this sculpture was bought from a a casket factory in Jersey city that had gone out of business.
"Grass Bombs"
7' tall
Wood, clay,peat moss, grass
86"tall x 60" long x 58" wide.
Whether or not he is a man? When the crank is turned many things move and turn. There are a lot of different kind of "Found Objects" in this piece. The body is the heat exchanger from a hot air furnace, the weather vane on top is an old laundry paddle. The gears and wheels came from a lace factory in Union City which had closed.
"Post Primitive Universe"
6' tall x 10' x 12'
Wood, concrete, found objects
"Concrete Wall"
8' x 50' long
This is a project I worked on at Northern Ariz. Univ. in the late 1970's. I didn't design the wall.
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